About Global Direct Parts:

Global Direct Parts is a reliable wholesale parts supplier that delivers on price, quality, and getting you the parts you need on time.

We've been at this a while! We've spent the better part of a decade in the wholesale mobile repair parts game. Testing and inspecting what we sell; learning what the OEMs do when they build a device and keeping up with them when they change everything; exporting and importing into the USA correctly and ethically; managing inventory so that we keep supply available to quickly meet our customer's needs, and most of all, being there for a customer when they need assistance and inherently understanding where they are coming from is what we do best.

We can say with great confidence that the experience you have as a customer, before, during and after you order, will be among the best you can find. In an industry that rapidly changes, we have learned a great deal from our parts sourcing efforts, our customers and the mobile devices themselves. We don't sit idle; what we learn we incorporate into what we do and how we do it.

When it comes to parts supply, we don't confuse quality for condition. We fulfill parts as we represent them; in new or like new condition and offered in "OEM" or "Aftermarket" versions (and we know the difference). If the part has a logo, you won't find an aftermarket version of it on our site. This is called counterfeiting, and we don't do it. The aftermarket parts we do carry are not the low end 100% aftermarket units that exist out there in large numbers. Instead, in many instances, we supply the units that are composed of over 50% OEM parts.

Everything on our site ships from our offices/warehouse located in San Antonio, Texas. We are local, supportive, consistent, knowledgeable, diligent, ethical and invested in what we do and the experience our customers have pre- and post-sale.

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Customer Support: 1-210-437-2000 | sales@globaldirectparts.com